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Corporate ghoda arranges mock online interviews which is studied/analysed for personal advice. Tips are provided on various factors including voice, body language and functional know-how

What is included?

  • Video Interview preparation already given
  • 2 Mock interviews for 30-45 mins (One at starting and second post feedback)
  • Recording to be studied/analysed by experts
  • Feedback to be provided in 7 working days (Feedback on quality of content as well as other parameters such as voice, persuasive skills, communication skills etc.)
  • Interview to touch on functional know how and well research basic interview questions
  • Panel to include most asked/relevant questions for any specific Interview preparation. Same needs to be communicated before mock interviews are planned


More details

  • Complete process of preparation to be completed in 2 weeks from date of service. Call customer care in case it is to be expedited.
  • mock interview dates shall be decided post discussion with interviewee
  • Additional 4000 Rs. for delivery in less than 7 working days

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