Hire an assistant to apply jobs on your behalf. Know More

Corporate Ghoda and its associates/partners are registered as human resource provider in various top organizations. Availing this service ensures that your profile is considered as soon as the vacancy is created.. In other words, it give you a right to first application to top companies.

What is included?

  • Offline application in top companies growth winners and its associates have tied up with as soon as the vacancy is created
  • Right of first application in tied up companies
  • Changes in resume with key words as per particular job requirement
  • PGA coordinates for interviews etc. with employers and job seekers
  • PGA stands for Personal Growth Assistant


More details

  • Job seeker to share resume, coverletter and required information with PGA
  • Day of service starts from the day all relevant information is provided to PGA. Confirmation mail shall be shared with job seeker.

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