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Making professionals learn, grow and succeed with job security in this ever volatile corporate world


Corporate Ghoda started in 2016, and we’ve been on an epic ride ever since. We exist to support professional in achieving their long term growth goals (financial and otherwise) be it in same or different organizations.

We understand that growth is not a destination but a long journey and we want to partner professionals on this journey by touching upon all critical areas playing role in their growth Areas include Profile polishing, targeting/applying/preparing/grabbing the desired job, learning and development, growing in the current job/organization during the tenure and repeating the entire cycle.

In a nutshell, our intent is to be there for the entire professional life cycle transforming it into a sure shot growth cycle.


  • Responsiveness: Responding to professionals needs in minimum possible time
  • Personalization: Treating each professional differently as per their growth requirements
  • Integrity: Maintaining high ethical standards while serving the professionals
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